What is a DAO?
A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) A members owned community without centralized leadership and is fully autonomous and transparent.
The TSI Dow is voted on by the NFT holders. Fund to be distributed to all sports. Grants & funding decided and voted on by the TSI Holders.
We will fund the athletes and teams from the interest from the capital reserve so we will be able to support athletes year after year.
We will start funding 6 months after the initial sale to allow the interest to build in the capital reserve.
How the Funds from the NFT sale will be distributed
  • 15% of the funds are paid to the Developers
  • After the Developers are paid the remaining funds will be distributed as followed
  • 70% of minting funds go into the DAO. (held in a capital interest reserve)
  • 15% community. These funds will be going to all of the amazing experiences we have planned for the community
  • 15% for the team to continue building the TSI project.
How the DAO funds will be stored
  • 50% will be stored in stable coins to secure the funds no mater what is going on in the market
  • 50% will be stored in tier 1 alt coins. This will allow the capital reserve to grow over time with the market