The Sports Initiative was founded by Stephen Garbett, a Team USA National Team Athlete to help better support athletes of all ages to pursue their dreams. During his time competing at the highest level of his sport, Stephen experienced firsthand the physical, mental, and financial burdens of being an athlete at the highest level. After many conversations with fellow Olympic hopefuls and Olympians, he realized that athletes in every sport experience similar financial hardship. There must be a better way to help financially support athletes to help them focus on being athletes in the sport they love. The Sports Initiative was born, a community supporting next generations athletes powered by this generation of athletes.
Sports have been part of almost every culture for thousands of years and are a global phenomenon with the power to transform those involved. Sports will always exist and The Sports Initiative knows the value they can bring to individuals, teams & all of humanity.
Sports bring us physical, mental & emotional health, but also teach us core values about life including, but not limited to discipline, willpower, morals, character, determination, teamwork, confidence, and humility. Unfortunately, many people don’t get to reap the benefits that sports can offer because they are lacking funds, support, guidance, or resources which is exactly why TSI was started and has the vision to last beyond our lifetime. Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their passions and dreams; TSI champions this idea by giving athletes the chance to pursue their dreams. Our strong community, formidable board of advisors, and humanitarian DAO are three of the pillars that allowed us to be the #1 sports project on Web3.
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